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P18LH | Park Little Head

18-Watt Park based on P45

The Park Little Head with the Colby ‘auto bias feature’ - change out your power tubes with no biasing requiRed …. nice...and easy!

The Park Little Head is based on the early plexi Parks P45 (the famous Bluesbreaker circuit). A studio recording artists ‘tone chasing’ dream amp. It is capable of beautiful, sparkling clean tones, overdriven Blues - from a hint of overdrive to full-on overdrive, and classic rock tones. Based off of the original Park circuits by Jim Marshall with full sized Park transformers this ‘little’ monster was purpose built to produce a huge variety of Park tonal options at low volumes but with full uncompromised tone.

Power from 15 - 23 watts clean. Choose between a pair of 6V6 (standard and most like the KT66 tubes in Park 45’s - break up earlier) or 6L6’s (more open, more bottom and high end) or EL34 (classic ‘british sound’ - more mids ,smoother overdrive - used in the P50, P50M, Park Master Volume etc.)

Now choose between two different tube rectifiers - 5Y3 standard (softer, less powerful, breaks up earlier) or GZ34 (moving toward solid state in feel and performance) or simply ‘switch’ to solid state (tighter, less squish, more Headroom - more like the P50 and later Jim Marshal circuits)

Find Your Tone and a whole lot more than you thought possible in the Park P18LH - a great ‘Little Head’ that does it all with a great ‘auto bias’ feature - the ultimate studio/small venue tone chasing Little ‘plexi’ Head by Mitch Colby for Park Amplification.


  • — ‘Little Plexi’ - based on the earliest Park circuits by Jim Marshall.
  • — Purpose-built professional 18 Watt Head for studio and small venue use.
  • — Full sized power, output transformers and choke as its Park big brothers (P45, P50) for full-bodied sound and no compromise in low end.
  • — ‘Auto bias’ feature - user selectable output tubes include 6V6, 6L6 and EL34 for changes in tone, feel and power (6V6 - Standard and most like the KT66’s of the Park 45).
  • — Switchable rectifier - Tube or Diodes - for additional control of the ‘feel and the Headroom’.
  • — Little ‘Plexi’ - from 15 to 23 watts (clean power) depending on choice of rectifier and power tubes.
  • — 2 Channel / 4 Input - allows for individual and blended use of the channels.(flexibility for guitar/pickup selection)
  • — PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) ensures that the amp is producing ‘full sound’ even when the Master Volume is pulled back.
The PPIMV is a volume control after the signal is split by the phase inverter tube and just before it goes into the power section (tubes) of the amp. Because the PPIMV comes after the phase inverter tube it benefits from a little more added ‘overdrive’ when compared to the PrePIMV.

A neat trick with the PPIMV is that by cranking it you are essentially ‘taking it out of the circuit completely’ and hearing the amp without a Master Volume which only became available in later models.