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P18LR 'Little Rock'

18-Watt Park based on P50M/Park Master Volume

The Park Little Rock with the Colby ‘Auto Bias Feature’ is based on the late ‘plexi’ Parks ( P50M and the Original Park Master Volume ) with an additional feature of being able to cascade the channels in series for additional Gain. Capable of beautiful, sparkling clean tones, overdriven Blues - from a hint of overdrive to full-on overdrive, and classic rock tones… and now a whole lot more!

User selectable output tubes include 6V6, 6L6 and standard El34 (classic ‘British’ tone- more mids and smoother overdrive) allow for changes in tone, feel and power without Biasing.

Cascade the channels in series (one into the other), for more Gain. A Punch switch - gives you a boost in the upper mids for a more aggressive sound. With both switches off the amp acts like a traditional four input, two channel Park P50 (1968 plexi) but at lower power levels. With the switches on its a higher gain, ‘hot rodded’ version of a 50 watt Jim Marshall plexi circuit. Be Careful - studio time is expensive and this amp is serious fun!!

Featuring full sized Park transformers and choke the Park Little Rock was purpose built to produce a huge variety of Park tonal options at low volumes but with full uncompromised tone.

The Park Little Rock exceeds your expectations of what a lower wattage amp can sonically produce - Mitch Colby has done it again!


  • — Purpose-built professional 18 Watt Head for studio and small venue use based on the early to mid 70’s Jim Marshall Park circuits.
  • — Full sized power, output transformers and choke as its Park big brothers (P50M and Park Master Volume) for full-bodied sound and no compromise in low end.
  • — User selectable output tubes include 6V6, 6L6 and EL34 for changes in tone, feel and power without biasing. (EL34 Standard - classic British Tone).
  • — Switchable rectifier - Tube or Diodes - for varied power and feel.
  • — Power range from 15 to 23 watts (clean) depending on choice of rectifier and power tubes.
  • — 2 Channel / 4 Input - allows for individual and blended use of the channels.
  • — Channel cascade switch for additional gain
  • — Upper mid boost switch
  • — PrePIMV (Pre Phase Inverter Master Volume)

Technical Specifications