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P45 Classic (1964-66)

45-Watt Park w/ Tube Rectifier

For Artists and players looking for classic Blues and rock guitar tones, the Park P45 is a fantastic choice. This classic Jim Marshal circuit built off of the original Fender Tweed Bassman has been heard on many of the most influential recordings from the mid- sixties up to the present day. A pair of KT66 power tubes in the circuit’s output section deliver a ‘sound that is balanced, dynamic, and complex in its response to the player’. This tube rectified amp now comes standard with PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) which allows the player to overdrive the amp at lower volume levels.


  • — The Original Park Circuit by Jim Marshall (based on Fender 4x10” Tweed Bassman).
  • — Blues and Rock legend - the ‘Bluesbreaker circuit’ (without tremolo).
  • — Custom vintage `banana` knobs.
  • — KT66 tubes (Rich, open, tone that sounds great, clean and overdriven).
  • — 30 Watts clean, 45 Watts cranked.
  • — 2 Channel / 4 Input classic offers many guitar/player options.
  • — GZ34 Tube Rectifier.
  • — ‘awesome compression - when pushed for a dynamic playing experience.


  • — Channel 2 Volume Push-Pull pot - adds brightness to this traditionally ‘dark’ channel making it more readily usable/suitable for various guitars and pickups adding additional tonal possibilities.
  • — PPIMV (Post Phase Inverter Master Volume) now standard - overdrive the P45 at lower volume levels or crank the master volume to effectively ‘remove’ from the circuit.
The PPIMV is a volume control after the signal is split by the phase inverter tube and just before it goes into the power section (tubes) of the amp. Because the PPIMV comes after the phase inverter tube it benefits from a little more added ‘overdrive’ when compared to the PrePIMV.

A neat trick with the PPIMV is that by cranking it you are essentially ‘taking it out of the circuit completely’ and hearing the amp without a Master Volume which only became available in later models.

Technical Specifications

Wattage: 45
  • 2
  • 1/4" Channel 1 High
  • 1/4" Channel 1 Low
  • 1/4" Channel 2 High
  • 1/4" Channel 2 Low
  • 2 x 1x4" Speaker Output
Preamp Valves:
  • 3 x 12AX
Output Valves: 2 x KT66
  • Channel 1 Volume
  • Channel 2 Volume
  • 3-Band EQ shared by both channels — Treble, Mid, Bass
  • Brightness (Presence) shared by both channels.
Impedance: Switchable using Impedance Selector on the rear panel — 4 Ω, 8 Ω, or 16 Ω