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P50M 'Super Blue' (1974)

50-Watt Park

The M stands for Magic in this case - our Favorite Park P50M with unique tone and circuit values recreated from a Historic Park Combo (Park Tremolo 1974) - 'reminiscent of a Bluesbreaker Combo but closer to the Super Bass this amp is the one’.

(Coming Soon)


  • — EL34 tubes = classic British tone
  • — 2 Channel / 4 Input (`Jump` the two channels for additional tonal range and tube saturation).
  • — 40 Watts clean, 70 Watts cranked.
  • — Solid state rectifier.


  • — Push-pull pot 1 - to add upper mid boost across both channels.
  • — Push-pull pot 2 - applies separate value bright caps across both channels simultaneously.
  • — PPIMV-Post Phase Inverter Master Volume.
The PPIMV is a volume control after the signal is split by the phase inverter tube and just before it goes into the power section (tubes) of the amp. Because the PPIMV comes after the phase inverter tube it benefits from a little more added ‘overdrive’ when compared to the PrePIMV.

A neat trick with the PPIMV is that by cranking it you are essentially ‘taking it out of the circuit completely’ and hearing the amp without a Master Volume which only became available in later models.