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This product is proudly handwired in the Park Custom Shops HANDWIRED


4x12" Style B Straight Cab

The difference between sounding good and sounding great might just be your Speaker Cab. Often overlooked but just as important as a great amplifier and guitar/bass, is the Cab you are playing through. Historic Park construction methods and dimensions can withstand decades of touring. Park Cabinets are Engineered to resonate 'in all the best ways', making an important contribution to the overall tone produced.


  • — Historical dimensions and materials used for sonic integrity.
  • — Authentic straight ‘B Style’ Cabinet.
  • — 412's with choice of Greenback (vintage Park - overall power handling 100 watts) or Creambacks (tonal preference/playing style/260 watts)
  • — 16 Ohm Cab.

Technical Specifications